2014 25th Anniversary Apple Juice Competition

The 2014 National Fruit Show Apple Juice Competition saw 41 entries in this its Silver Anniversary year. Robert Oliver, Vice Chair, organises the competition and has managed to convince the same six judges to return for several years.

Maidstone Exhibition HallHe said: “The advantage of having the same judges is that they have learnt the art of tasting a great number of juices, giving an initial mark and then revisiting to determine whether the original score was correct. We divide the judges in to two groups so that we get a fair evaluation.”

The juice is judged on several criteria, taste, aroma, colour, homogeneity (cloudy juice only) and clarity. Judges are asked to rate each juice 0 to 5 or in the case of taste 0 – 10. This year the competition saw new entries from Kent Wildlife Trust with a Bramley, Worchester and Derby organic blend. Hole Park Estate, Rolvenden entered their Ashmead Kernal a single variety juice. The judges were impressed with the flavour of this Heritage Variety and it was awarded 4th place.

The specification for Class 42 a fruit based blend has been opened up to include a minimum of 50% English apple or pear and any fruit, flower or vegetable grown in the UK. The change to include flower and vegetables saw two entries of apple and beetroot, an interesting blend of apple, strawberry and mint from Millets Fruit, a pleasant apple and blackberry from Lower Ladysden Farm and an apple and ginger from RH & JC Elgie.

The Apple Juice Competition is sponsored by Vigo Ltd, A&P Hill Ltd and Core Equipment Ltd, winners of Class 40 Blended Juice receive The Four Jays Group Trophy, Class 41, The A&P Hill (Fruit) Trophy and Class 42 Blended Juice are awarded The Crown Trophy. The best all round entry is awarded The Graham Amos Trophy.

The winning juices will be on display during the National Fruit Show and transported to London for the post Show public event in Kennington over the weekend.

Class 40 – Blended Apple Juice

1st RH & JC Elgie – Bramley & Egremont 2nd  RH & JC Elgie – Bramley & Cox 3rd  Four Elms Fruit Farm – Bramley & Cox

Class 41 – Single Variety

1st  Four Elms Fruit Farm – Egremont 2nd  Four Elms Fruit Farm – Cox 3rd  Hill Farm Juice – Cox

Class 42 – Blended Juices

1st  RH & JC Elgie – Apple (Cox) & Raspberry 2nd  Hill Farm Juice – Apple &Elderflower 3rd Lower Ladysden Farm – Apple (Discovery) & Raspberry

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