A exciting new partnership

A exciting new partnership

Frank Matthews are pleased to announce that they are to become UK agents for Botden van Willegan. Will Seabrook will be retiring after 25 years of service as Botden’s UK agent and an official handover from Mr Seabrook to FrankMatthews will take place on Wednesday 19 October at the National Fruit Show. Frank P Matthews are excited about the future working relationship with Botden van Willegan.


Botden & van Willegen is one of the leading fruit tree nurseries in Europe producing high quality, healthy fruit trees of all modern varieties. Growing all main varieties, club varieties and new introductions and with an annual production of approximately 2.8 million fruit trees per year, the quality of their trees is key to their success.


Frank Matthews combines their own nursery production, a close working relationship with breeders, organisations and other specialist nurseries, to continually increase their range of exciting new fruit varieties and rootstocks. Bringing apples such as Red Windsor and Rosette (Raspberry Ripple) to the market along with access to the most up to date varieties, new rootstocks, a large range of stone fruit, pollinators, cider and nut trees.

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