A first time winner of the any other dessert apple class

Giles Cannon, J I B Cannon & Son have won this year’s National Fruit Show Long Term Farm Stored Competition for Any Other Dessert Apple with their first entry in this class. “We have won in the past with Cox but this year we entered our Gala.”

According to Giles Cannon, 2009 was a particularly good year for growing Gala. “Last year’s growing season seemed to give Gala which had uniformly good skin finish, reasonable colour and excellent keeping quality with a good size range in the 60mm to 70mm band.”

The prize money for this class is sponsored by STS Refrigeration Ltd and the Landseer Prize for the Store operator for J I B Cannon & Son will go to Chris Wady who Giles Cannon is happy to describe “as thrilled to win”. The second and third prizes in this class go to F W Mansfield & Son.

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