Addressing the Challenges!

The Rt. Hon. Michael Jack, Marden Fruit Show Society President has written a thought provoking and relevant foreword for the 2012 Handbook.

At 11.40pm on the 29th August 2012, 62,000 people bit into an apple as the Paralympics opening ceremony reached its climax. This enormous simultaneous apple crunch not only enabled us to acknowledge the scientific findings of Sir Isaac Newton but promote, to an audience of millions, the fruit whose harvest we will be celebrating at the National Fruit Show. What better start to our proceedings could we have?

However although the Paralympics has given us a promotion we could not afford to buy, how we channel this, to the long term advantage of the top fruit industry, must be one of the key discussion points at the show. This is especially important when one considers the challenge contained in the title of the presentation, to be given at the show, by Professor David Hughes when he says “90% of children still do not eat enough fruit –where did we go wrong?”

To read the rest of the article come along to the National Fruit Show to receive your complimentary copy.

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