All-new Landini orchard tractors to debut at the National Fruit Show in October

All-new Landini orchard tractors to debut at the National Fruit Show in October

An all-new range of Landini orchard and vineyard tractors will be launched at this year’s National Fruit Show.

AgriAgro UK has released the Rex 4 Series tractors which, despite the enviable reputation of the last series, are set to make a greater impact in the fruit industry and become very popular amongst farmers. 

With more variations of models, new transmission configurations and improved operator environment in the cab, farmers will be able to relish in the new opportunities for both better efficiency and quality of fruit farming – the additions improve the aesthetics of the tractors whilst maintaining the practical side of the work.

This time around, a 2.9-litre compact four-cylinder engine provides the power, meeting emissions rules without resorting to exhaust filtration or urea injection to keep installation and service requirements as simple as possible. At the lower end of the range, 12-15% more torque output will give the tractors livelier performance under load, while attractive fuel economy should be evident across the range from the new engine design.

New Eco 40kph transmission and four-speed pto options will also help in that respect, enabling growers to lower running costs. At the same time, larger fuel tanks will enable the tractors to work longer between refills.

The first of the new tractors, representing a range comprising 69hp, 76hp, 89hp, 95hp, 102hp and 111hp models, will be displayed at the Marden Fruit Society’s National Fruit Show on October 25/26 at Detling, Kent.

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