Bonanza Prize 2010 is a Kent-themed work of art

The winner of this year’s prestigious National Fruit Show “Bonanza Prize” will have their expertise rewarded by a truly memorable prize.

“All in a day’s work” – a set of four superb etchings by Kent artist Graham Clarke. Donated by The Fruit Grower, as an early celebration of the magazine’s 25th birthday in 2011, the winner will be presented with a set of four superb etchings by Kent artist Graham Clarke, generically entitled “All in a day’s work”.

These four limited edition works are sure to occupy pride of place in the lucky winner’s home and as an additional bonus will be accompanied by a unique Bonanza prize certificate designed and etched by Graham.

The Fruit Grower was first published in Spring 1986 and for many years has been firmly established as the leading magazine for UK commercial fruit growers. Published monthly, the publication contains a broad range of news and features that help to keep readers informed about industry developments and current best practices. Written by industry experts, The Fruit Grower provides readers with the latest technical information and features which cover every aspect of growing from planting to marketing.

There can be few Men of Kent or Kentish Men who are unaware of the county’s own Graham Clarke, artist, author and humorist. He is undoubtedly one of Britain’s most popular and prolific printmakers, and brings his own unique brand of humour to his interpretation of past and present history through the eyes of the common man, as well as attracting universal admiration for his revival of beautiful hand-coloured prints and famous “arched top” etchings.

All etchings are produced entirely by hand using techniques dating back several hundred years and examples of his work are held by, amongst others, the Victoria and Albert museum, the British Museum, the Tate Gallery, the Library of Congress in Washington DC, the New York Library and the Hiroshima Peace museum.

For a chance to win the “Bonanza Prize” commercial growers must stage three or more entries at the show and achieve a minimum of 85 points. For each eligible exhibit the grower will receive one entry into the draw which takes place at the National Fruit Show Dinner on the 20th of October at The Orangery, Turkey Mill.

The Bonanza Stanza  Amid our Kentish Eden Garden, Lies that ancient place called Marden, Where Adam in his birthday suit, Climbed a tree and scrumped a fruit. “Wow! this one’s a real winner”, Snake said. “Scoff it for your dinner For perfect quality and size That certainly deserves a prize”. And as all fruity people know, Thus was born the National Show. © Graham Clarke 2010

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