Bonanza Solar Special for Growers

M3Solar is the 2012 National Fruit Show Bonanza Sponsor.  The comapny have become a major supplier for the fruit growing industry having installed 50kw arrays at JL Baxter & Son and at F Edmed & Sons both based in Maidstone and F W Mansfield & Sons, Canterbury.   The incredible prize is either a domestic 4kw solar array 16 panel system for a residential dwelling, which normally retails at £10,000 or for the first time they will be offering growers an alternative prize; £10,000 towards the cost of a 50kw system.

Marden fruit show society Chairman, Sarah Calcutt is delighted with the prize and M3 Solar’s involvement with the National Fruit Show.  Over a 25 year period the total estimated value of the prize is £40,000. This incredible figure takes in to account the feed in tariff and savings on power, she believes this is by far the highest value Bonanza Prize ever.

 Based in Folkestone, the Company focuses on the commercial and agricultural industry and facilitate solutions for the farming community to work towards the self-generation of clean energy.  Growers traditionally have large buildings and equipment for storing and packing fruit, these processes use large amount of power with costs escalating in the past few years.  M3 Solar has several industry leading products and bespoke solutions suitable for use with existing buildings or ground based solutions when the former option is unfeasible. 

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