Engage Agro Europe Ltd – Stand K18

Engage Agro Europe Ltd – Stand K18

2017 will see Fruit Nutriton experts Engage Agro exhibiting at the National Fruit Show for the first time and the company’s focus will be on showcasing its cutting-edge technologies for fruit crops.

Pome and stone fruits are a key focus for the Engage Agro Group across the world, so many Engage technologies have been created specifically to provide optimum efficacy on those crops.

Across Europe, Engage has market-leading technologies in Fortify Copper and Brix Builder and these will be showcased alongside newer cutting-edge technologies of Bio-Chel Calcium and the two Silicon sisters, Sion & Sentinel.

Bio-Chel Calcium is a fully-organic chelate containing 22% calcium – the highest level in its class. This allows the creation of a 10% chelate liquid which stimulates foliar calcium acceptance at far a greater level and provides fruit growers with a new form of highly efficaceous calcium that is both competitively priced and totally tank mixable!

Sion and Sentinel are two Silicon  products designed to move silicon into crops at a level previously not possible. The unique technologies employed in these products create cellular growth that is significantly stronger, providing support to fruits against abiotic stress and dramatically reducing crop susceptibility to pest and pathogen pressure.

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