The app for local labour, Grafter is a free app that connects people looking for extra labour with people looking for work. Everything is managed securely within the easy-to-use app. Find, book and pay local labour.

Finding a Grafter takes a matter of minutes and you simply select from those available in your area. Grafters include ex-forces, students and career labourers and farmworkers. References and reviews are displayed on each Grafter’s Profile making it simple to select the right Grafter or team of Grafters for you.

There’s no sign-up fee to use Grafter. Upon completion of the work, Grafter charges  5%+ VAT of the project total to cover use of the service.

From general farm labouring to harvesting, Grafter proves that tech can be a invaluable tool when it comes to finding local on-demand labour.

Grafter’s free mobile app is available on iOS and Google Play. Stand H13


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