Meet Pointer Intelligent Agri-Systems Ltd

Meet Pointer Intelligent Agri-Systems Ltd

Israel-based technology company Pointer Intelligent Agri-Systems Ltd has developed the PickApp crop management system, used to collect and analyse data from harvesting and production, which can help to improve productivity.

PickApp has been developed by farmers for farmers and is used successfully by many of the leading farming companies across Israel, harvesting a diverse range of crops including avocado, top fruit and Medjoul dates.

Labour costs and availability continue to be the greatest challenges faces by growers in the fresh produce industry and PickApp can help to increase efficiency of this scarce resource. 

A smartphone, cloud-based application, PickApp delivers worker-uploaded Real Time Data, without requiring any management intervention, and bearing no extra upload costs. The harvesting team scans barcode stickers during the regular work procedures and, from that point on, the system is fully monitoring the produce, its quality and traceability.

Very user-friendly and easily employed by workers of different backgrounds and cultures, to date, PickApp has been tested and successfully implemented across a broad spectrum of crops – including vegetables, herbs, apples, cherries, pears, grapes, strawberries, citrus fruit, dates and more.

COme meet these guys at stand S66 to find out more!

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