New Russet Class

New Russet Class

The Marden Fruit Show Society, Chairman of Judges, Brian Tompsett has introduced a couple of changes to the Competition Schedule.  Class 9, Russets has been changed to include any sort or variety.

There will now be an award of £50 to the packer of the overall winning entry in classes 18, 19, 20 and 21.  The entrant gaining the most points in those classes will receive The David Burd Memorial Trophy.

Sarah Calcutt, Chairman, said “We are delighted to present the David Burd Memorial Trophy.  David was an industry stalwart, having been a lecturer at Hadlow College and a judge for the National Fruit for many years. We were deeply saddened by his death in 2013 and are delighted that this new Trophy will be presented in his memory”.

The National Fruit Show, prizes and prize Money stands at over £10,000 in value with twenty one Top Fruit Competitions, four Soft Fruit Classes and three Nut Classes.  There are special competitions which include; The Tastiest Apple, Five Heaviest Apples, Five Heaviest Pears and prizes for the single heaviest fruit from each class.

*The A mid-season dessert apple producing a heavy crop of distinctive russet-bronze fruits, with firm, crisp flesh and a rich, nutty flavour. An excellent apple for the cheese board! Apple ‘Egremont Russet’ is self fertile and easy to grow, making it ideal for gardens where there is only room for one tree. It also makes an excellent pollinator for ‘Cox’ and ‘Braeburn’ varieties. Harvest the apples in October, and you can keep them well until January.

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