New sensory garden for Kent School deserves gold medal!

New sensory garden for Kent School deserves gold medal!

All eyes will be on gardens this month with the Chelsea Flower Show (23rd-27th May) and in our opinion, Hunton Primary School near Maidstone also deserves a gold medal for their new sensory garden.

The garden was designed and built by parents with support of local farms, businesses, and the National Fruit Show education team.

The school held an official opening/Coronation tea party in the garden on Friday 5th May and all the children enjoyed afternoon tea in the sun.

Our education team have been working with this school to redefine ‘treats’ and trying to challenge the school to think healthy, fresh and local produce, when they celebrate events, rather than the traditional squash and biscuits!

Samantha Smith comments: “The children absolutely loved the opening, tea party and the juice from Owlets, fresh berries from Driscolls, apples from AC Goatham & Son and Bardsley Farm and fruit crisps from Nim’s Fruit Crisps. Not only the best of British produce, but all from Kent and just a few miles away from their school. The most common item left on plates after this event was the small cake they had each been given.”

“Left over fruit and juice from the event has been given to the children this week as part of a healthy breakfast to help them prepare for their SATs. This fits beautifully with the messaging they have been given in workshops recently about fruit being the best fuel for mental and physical health.”

If you would like to find out more about the work of our education team or details on how to sponsor it, please get in touch with Samantha Smith.


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