Newmafruit win the Bramley class for the first time

The Bramley class of the National Fruit Show Long Term Farm Stored Competition is considered “The Number One to win” by this year’s winner, Melvyn Newman, Newmafruit Farms Ltd.

“It’s a vindication of what we do,” he said. “I’m very honoured and winning is a great fillip to everyone here.” He goes on to admit,” we’re not really ‘show people’, we’re very commercial, concentrating on the business and have not thought we had the time to devote to entering competitions.”

The prize money for this class is sponsored by International Controlled Atmosphere (ICA) Ltd and the winner’s trophy is the Farmura Trophy. Newmafruit have beaten F W Mansfield & Son into second place with third prize for Bramley going to J L Baxter & Son.

Newmafruit’s new storage manager Jeremy Lendon, who will pick up the Landseer Prize for store operators, is part of the reason for the success according to Melvyn Newman, together with the recent investment the business has made in new storage and also the advent of the use of Smartfresh. “Smartfresh has revolutionised the storage of Bramley over the last four or five years,” and he adds that using Smartfresh on Cox in recent years has been equally beneficial; “we’ve never had such good pressures.”

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