Roelofs Tree Nursery – Stand S45

Roelofs Tree Nursery – Stand S45

Cultivating apple trees, pear trees and rootstocks on fertile marine clay for nearly 50 years is Netherlands-based Roelofs Tree Nursery, whose motivated, professional staff works to deliver robust propagation materials for a contemporary and varied assortment.

Located in Flevoland province, Roelofs Tree Nursery operates from two sites in Zeewolde, both establishments being equipped with cold storage facilities.  The company is renowned for its focus on robustness, which has resulted in a collection of strong and very healthy fruit trees and rootstocks.

  • All rootstocks from the company’s own stoolbeds
  • Certified first class by NAK-Tuinbouw (The Dutch Inspection Service for Horticulture)
  • Cultivation on fertile, virgin marine clay
  • Fertigation system ensures that the fruit trees have a timely and even supply of nutrition and water. This allows better absorption of nutrients and promotes healthy growth and development
  • Plant protection products and foliar fertilisers are applied horizontally and vertically in order to obtain an optimal crop covering
  • The fruit trees are wrapped in nets to prevent branch breakage
  • Clear labelling and barcoding of pallets guarantees traceability.

Roelofs Tree Nursery exports its robust fruit trees and rootstocks throughout Europe, with a focus on sales in the UK, the Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Scandinavia, Austria, Poland, Russia and Italy.

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