School Children Taste the Fruit of the Living Land

Over 3000 Kent Primary School children were given the chance to try different varieties of British fruit and juice at the Living Land event at the Kent Showground (7th May).

Fruit TastingGala and Braeburn apple-tastingThe Marden Fruit Show Society stand offered samples of Gala, Braeburn, Rubens and Russet apples as well as Conference and Comice pears. Children were also given the opportunity to compare different types of apple juice.

Show Secretary Maria Clarke said: “It was very worthwhile for us to attend. The children were really receptive in trying the different apple and pear varieties, and they came back with really interesting comments.

The children tasting Russets commented how much they liked the taste, despite the rough, dark skin. Some thought they were pears rather than apples.

With the juice sampling, we offered the children the Cox and Russet sweet varieties and the culinary Bramley to try, expecting the sweeter Russet would be favourite, but we were surprised how many of the children liked the sharper taste of Bramley.

Virtually all the children liked the apple juice. There were only a few unfinished tasting cups at the end, and many came back for more.”

She added “We would like to thank the growers who gave us their fruit free of charge for the children to try.”

The Marden Fruit Show Society organises the National Fruit Show at the Kent County Showground in October, which is the largest trade exhibition of British Fruit in the UK.

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