South East Farmer’s October Edition Cover to smell of Apples!

South East Farmer’s October Edition Cover to smell of Apples!

The National Fruit Show is delighted that in support for this year’s show, South East Farmer’s October edition (available early October) front cover will actually smell of apples! Sponsored by A C Goatham & Son whose Zari orchard recently won the Orchard of Year competition, the front cover will show a picture of the Zari and will also smell like Zari apples.

Carol Ford, commercial director at AC Goatham & Son, comments, “We are delighted to partner with South East Farmer magazine to produce the first ever front cover of the magazine with the fragrance of fresh and delicious Zari apples. We hope everyone reading the magazine enjoys the smell of Kent’s finest #PerfectApple.” Jamie McGrorty, director at South East Farmer said “When our printers informed us of this new technology to implant a unique fragrance on the cover of South East Farmer we could not think of a better way of doing this than for our ‘Fruit Show’ edition. Teaming up with the Zari team is perfect in that they are celebrating the accolade of The Best Orchard.”

The National Fruit Show opens at 10am on Wednesday 19th and Thursday 20th October. It closes at 5.30pm on the first day, followed by the ticket only National Fruit Show Dinner sponsored by Hadlow College. The Show ends at 3.30pm on the second day, following the Prizegiving which is held at 12.

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