The MetQuest Dashboard

The MetQuest Dashboard

MetQuest Dashboard is a highly localised weather service available to both Agrii agronomists and Agrii customers. Using Agrii’s network of Adcon weather stations, the MetQuest dashboard collects and models the extensive weather data, allowing Agrii customers and Agrii agronomists to accurately predict and monitor pest and disease pressure, helping to support decision making on a farm.

Each weather station captures extensive data which is used to calculate pest and disease forecasts. The dashboard collects data about the max, min and average daily temperatures, rainfall, solar radiation, relative humidity, wind direction and speed, leaf wetness and evapotranspiration.

The key benefits for the grower are accurate 2 day and 10 day weather forecasts, highly localised historical weather data, decision tools for crop spraying and pest and disease control.

The MetQuest Dashboard can assist the Agrii Agronomist and customer to make the best decision about the appropriate products and timing for future crop protection measures. Agrii have over 180 Agrii weather stations in the uk. More weather stations means more accurate local data, resulting in more reliable and therefore more valuable pest and disease forecasting.

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