What We Do


The National Fruit Show financially supported by fruit grwaer AC Goatham and frot marketeers APL Ltd is pleased ableto offer free workshops to Key Stage 2 children in Kent and London. Using colourful characters and hands-on activities. these workshops combine fun with learning and can be tailored to suit what being taught in the classroom whether the locus is on science lthe life cycle of the apple treel geography [where does Our come from?] or healthy eating [why is fruit good for you?]. Children the opportunity to taste Eritßh fruit when it is in season and out ot season trysnacks such as appte crisps and fruit leathers. The children can also try their hand at juicing their Own apple juice and if the school has a garden there is the option to plant an apple tree with advice on how to prune and after it, Alt children receive a comic. colouring sheet and "I tried an apple today"

Tree Image