Whatever next? A Driverless Tractor

Whatever next? A Driverless Tractor

N P Seymour will have another great display of orchard and vineyard machinery on display this year including the simple and economically priced Carraro narrow tractor, the fantastically fuel efficient and long-term good value Fendt tractors, Berthoud sprayer, the cost cutting Darwin mechanical blossom thinner with added yield benefits and fruit uniformity, a Perfect vari-width mower along with other equipment.

We are also pleased to have Norman van der Gaag from Aweta to discuss your grading requirements. We are pleased to announce that new in UK this year and launching at the National Fruit Show – Driverless Fendt X-Pert tractors for orchards! The Fendt Vario with Probotiq X-Pert is a tractor that navigates itself through an orchard without an Operator in the cab.

The Fendt Xpert system is an add-on for the Fendt 200 Vario series orchard tractors. It integrates with the existing Fendt electronics to allow the tractor to drive and operate automatically. It uses patented Teach and Playback technology which is user friendly and very easy to use. To program the system, simply press the teach button to start recording a route. Now start driving, mowing and spraying.

The system stores every action (steering, accelerating, mowing, spraying) multiple times per second. When you are done, press ‘Stop’ and you are done programming a route. The system is able to store hundreds of routes. To repeat a recorded route, simply select the appropriate route and drive the tractor to the starting point. Press ‘GO’ and the tractor will repeat the recorded route precisely and unmanned! Interested in a driverless Fendt Vario tractor? Information will be available at this year’s National Fruit Show on the 21st & 22nd October 2015, from N.P. Seymour Ltd.

During the next few weeks and also during the Fruit Show, Nick Seymour and Claire Seymour from N.P. Seymour will explore the interest in driverless Fendt tractors with fruit growers in the UK. Subject to the interest, N P Seymour will hold a live demonstration day for fruit growers!

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